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On behalf of the Official Kwanzaa Website,

we kindly accept your donations to assist with the mission

and ongoing work of preserving and promoting the integrity,

beauty and expansive meaning of Kwanzaa.


Our mission is:


---  to build and sustain a network of institutions that preserves and promotes Kwanzaa and African culture, houses an accessible archives, and serves as the central authoritative reference and resource center of Kwanzaa.


-- to reaffirm the communitarian vision and values of African culture, and to contribute to its restoration among African people in the Diaspora.


-- to introduce and reinforce the Nguzo Saba, the Seven Principles, as a means to reintroduce and reaffirm communitarian values and practices that strengthen and celebrate family, community, and culture.


-- to affirm and reinforce the bonds between us as a world African community in the United States, in the Diaspora, and on the African continent.


-- to advance acts of cultural Kujichagulia (self-determination) as self-conscious statements of our own unique cultural truth as an African people in a multicultural world.


Your generous donation will assist in our efforts to educate present

and future generations about the ancient, rich and varied culture

we call African - both continental and diasporan.


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We appreciate your generosity and send our best wishes

to you and your family for all things good and beautiful.


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