Umoja (Unity)

To strive for and maintain unity in the family, community, nation, and race.

Dagi knot - a Pan African symbol of unity found in several African cultures, i.e., Yoruba, Hausa, Bushongo, etc.

The Essential Foundation

Umoja (Unity) is the first and foundational principle of the Nguzo Saba. Unity is both a principle and practice of togetherness in all things good and of mutual benefit...

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Family Unity

Unity as a principle and practice begins with family. Adults and children must respect and approach unity as a moral principle of family and community, not simply a political slogan...

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Intergenerational Unity

Finally the family must be, as in African culture, the focal point of unity not simply of siblings and of genders, but also of generations...

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Community Unity

If one starts with the family when discussing unity, the community (local and national) becomes the next level of the concern and the practice of unity...

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Pan-African Unity

The ultimate level of unity for African people in Pan-African unity or unity of the world African community. This is also called Unity of the race...

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